Anonymous asked:

I actually watched the first episode of Trip Tank (either that or the second) and I noticed that your short about the guy who jumped off a building made it in the end.

Yeah I think it was the second one. That was real fun :) Got to walk around ShadowMachine as well which was awesome.

jonmtm asked:

Did you think, while growing up, that animation would be the way you made your money and that living in London we'd be so spoilt by the amount of good people who come into our lives on a daily basis? Just thinking about Sunday and Tuesday and the multitude of good friends we have just in those instances alone, and feeling fortunate.

I genuinely thought I’d end up as some kind of feral dog-man or a ‘Blowbo’ (I’ll let you figure out that second one).

delightfullymad asked:

Hey, big fan of your work! Are you self taught in animation or did you take any courses? (apologies if this question is asked a lot).

Mostly self taught. Read books, draw all the time, get into what makes sometging move. I did a course at University but it was mostly business oriented and dropped out before completing it. It wasn’t f’me.

vanoreo asked:

You were tweeting about TripTank a while ago when it first aired (Tiny Hippo was my favorite). You mentioned that you animated a short with Dean's voice in it. Was there a second airing? Is there a place I can view your short? Will you work with Comedy Central again in the future?

I’m not sure about viewing, Hell I haven’t even seen the episode ha ha, but I would love to work with Comedy Central on more things.

sd-toons asked:

If you ever got commissioned to do an animation you felt was above you current level or skill would you accept the commission or turn it down?

I recently made a music video for a client and I have NO SKILL WHATSOEVER in making music videos BUT I took the jo because I needed the money. I know that sounds bad but it was a valuable learning experience. I was paid, yes, but I got to learn how to pace and map out music videos. ┬áIt won’t be the safe for everyone, but for me that was a good learning tool. I can honestly say go for it, if you let down the client then that’s okay, you just need to practice more and work more. That’s all :)

xorinoa asked:

Are there any certain animators or artists that you get inspiration from? Or even music?

The animators at Titmouse, the’yre absolutely fantastic. The art of Stephen Silver and subsequently Mike Krahulik and, as of recent, the outstanding folks at Starburns Industries thanks to an incredibly well made series of Rick and Morty.